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Sectional Floating Docks

Sectional Floating Docks

Built for 3DX Design in 1998, this set of six interlocking floats is presently used to support a stage set for an on the water stage production in California.

The floats are connected using Marine Inland Fabricators’ simple and rugged pining system. Interior access is provided via flush-mount manhole style hatches. Lastly, the framing which can be seen on the decks of the floats is used to support and secure the stage set.

This 100′ by 24′ sectional floating pier was built for The American Yacht Club in Rye, NY in 1999. Assembled out of four interlocking barges, it is being used to moor sailing yachts.
Watertight compartments are flooded to provide ballast and additional stability in adverse seas.

Marine Inland Fabricators developed a customized interlocking system which maintains flexibility in the structure, thereby reducing loads and stresses induced by adverse sea states. Shore access is provided by a 18′ articulating steel ramp. A wood deck matting retention system secures wooden matting and rub bars to the underlying structure.

Each section of the American Yacht Club’s floating pier is shippable by truck, drastically reducing shipping costs.