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Ferry Barges

Ferry Barges

Completed in 1999, this 60′ x 24′ sectional ferry barge combines ease of shipping with a stable and robust transportation platform.

The main hulls are joined by an easy and rugged pinning system. The fully articulating ramp is then affixed and operated with a single hydraulic winch.

Within a few hours of delivery, the sectional ferry barge is ready for operation! Here it is pictured loading.
The shallow draft and articulating ramp of the barge allows roll on / roll off loading capability even at completely undeveloped landings.

Recently completed! This 77′ x 24′ U. S. Coast Guard inspected ferry barge is now operating in south-west Florida. Seven watertight compartments with a centerline swash bulkhead allows for intact and damage stability. Fitted with hydraulically controlled roll on / roll off ramp.